Tennis Otago is committed to fostering, facilitating and developing the sport of tennis in Otago. The coming years will be very exciting indeed as the organisation seeks to better cater for all levels of tennis in Otago and to rejuvenate and redevelop the Logan Park Tennis Facility. We are very appreciative of our current sponsors (listed below). We are also always looking for new supporters and contributors (particularly with the upcoming redevelopment). Details of our packages and how to contribute can be found below.

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Community Funders

Tennis Otago is grateful for the recent support of the following community funders:

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We have a range of Sponsorship Packages available for businesses to sign up to. By taking up this option you not only contribute to tennis in Otago, but also get a good return on investment. We run a number of high profile tournaments and competitions and operate our own tennis centre which has a good amount of foot traffic. Click here to view our Sponsorship Packages.


As an individual or family, if you would like to contribute to the future of tennis in Otago (operationally and facility-wise) you can make a donation to Tennis Otago. Contact Tennis Otago for further information, we’d love to hear from you!


Bequests (making a provision in your will to donate to a particular organisation) are another way to donate. If Tennis in Otago is an area you would like to make a bequest towards, please contact us.  Whether large or small, your bequest will be greatly appreciated.