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This page has been developed to enhance communication with Coaches and Players for upcoming representative fixtures.

Teams are currently being selected.

  1. Criteria
  • The player must be affiliated through a club.
  • Results at international, national, provincial and then local level are a major criterion.
  • Head to head results among contenders are significant.
  • Request challenges can be required by JFG and the results may be taken into account.
  • It is advantageous for players to have played in as many events as possible, with particular emphasis on local events. Circumstances such as playing in higher rated tournaments elsewhere, medical reasons or family reasons may be considered.
  • Configure Rankings will be noted, but will not be an overriding criterion, especially in younger age groups.
  • Ability in doubles and/or being part of a successful established combination is an advantage.
  • Attitude to self-improvement and taking training opportunities is a factor. Willingness to take advice important.
  • Mental toughness on the court, along with behaviour and contribution to a positive team    culture off the court, are valuable attributes.

Note: Team order and selections (within the rules), on the days of the event are the prerogative of the coaches and their managers.