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Secondary Schools

Tennis Otago administers a Secondary Schools Tennis Competition with grades of Premier and Social (Competitive and Non-Competitive).

Tennis Otago are pleased to announce growth in numbers in this competition and looking forward to providing an excellent experience for all participants!


Well done to everyone who participated in this Competition, it was great to see enjoyment of Tennis and improvements from week to week!

In the Premier and Competitive Grades, below are the teams who won their sections.

Premier Boys – Logan Park High School over JMC Gold.

Premier Girls – Columba Elite over OGHS Prem.

Competitive Boys Junior – JMC Purple over JMC Yellow.

Competitive Boys Senior – Kings Maroon over KVC Blue.

Competitive Girls Senior – Columba 1 over Columba 3.

Competitive Girls Junior – SHCS Dewes over SHCS O’Meara.


Free entry for positive attendance was won by OGHS 1.